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Intense Battle for Paternity Erupts Between Two Men

In a recent courtroom drama, the case of Patterson v. Knight has taken center stage, involving a paternity dispute that has left many questions unanswered. The proceedings began with Mr. Patterson seeking […]

Woman Asserts Paternity of Baby to Two Men

In a dramatic courtroom showdown, the case of Johnson/McIver v. Davenport took center stage as Mr. Johnson fought to prove he is not the biological father of three-year-old Malaya. The proceedings, presided […]

He Served as My Sole Means of Escape

In a recent court hearing for the case of Moore v. Scott, emotions ran high as Jerome Moore fought to prove his biological connection to four-year-old Aly’Leuna. Moore and his current girlfriend […]

Woman Engages in Infidelity with Three Colleagues

In a recent court case titled Bosley v. Jackson, a paternity dispute has taken center stage, leaving everyone involved questioning the biological father of three-month-old Maverick. The case involves Miss Bosley and […]

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